Forensic Voice Comparison
by Geoffrey Stewart Morrison
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Expert Evidence


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Published September 2010.

Expert Evidence is a major subscription based service available in paper and online and is a unique and well respected publication offering comprehensive coverage of over 75 expert witness fields. Expert Evidence is essential for preparation and case presentation by litigation lawyers (both civil and criminal), forensic specialists, and any expert drawn into investigations or hearings. The editors of the service are Dr Ian Freckelton SC, a leading member of the Victorian Bar and Hugh Selby, Associate Professor in the Legal Workshop, Law Faculty, of the Australian National University. Contributing experts are drawn from accredited laboratories, respected consultancy firms and highly regarded individual academics and practitioners.

As part of the Expert Evidence series the 100-page Forensic Voice Comparison chapter is aimed first at lawyers, judges, police officers, and potential jury members; however, it is hoped that this chapter will also be of interest to forensic scientists, phoneticians / speech scientists, speech-processing engineers, and students of all these disciplines. It introduces forensic voice comparison in a relatively non-technical way, assuming a reader who has no prior knowledge of the subject. The focus is on the understanding of concepts and the provision of basic knowledge.



About the Author

Dr Geoffrey Stewart Morrison is a Forensic Consultant specialising in evaluation and interpretation of forensic evidence and assessment of the validity and reliability of forensic science.

Dr Morrison was awarded his PhD by the Department of Linguistics, University of Alberta in 2006. His doctoral and postdoctoral work (supported by fellowships from the Social Sciences and Research Council of Canada) focussed on statistical modelling of second-language speech perception.

He began work on forensic voice comparison in 2007 when he was appointed Research Associate on an Australian Research Council Discovery Project conducted by Dr Philip Rose at the School of Language Studies, Australian National University.

From 2010 to 2013 he was Director of the Forensic Voice Comparison Laboratory, School of Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications, University of New South Wales. He was Principle Investigator on an Australian Research Council Linkage Project on making demonstrably valid and reliable forensic voice comparison a practical everyday reality in Australia. This project was in collaboration with a number of partner organisations including the Australian Federal Police, New South Wales Police, Queensland Police, the National Institute of Forensic Science, and the Australasian Speech Science and Technology Association.

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The Morrison (2010) chapter replaces the 2003 chapter The technical comparison of forensic voice samples by Philip Rose.

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